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Update on 6/20/17 County Commissioners Meeting

High Country WATCH has learned that at the end of last night’s meeting, Watauga County Commissioners voted 3-2 to direct attorney Dave Pokela to write a legal brief on behalf of Watauga County Planning Director Joe Furman’s right and duty to revoke Johnny Hampton’s 2011 High Impact Land Use permit. This is good news as it means the county has responded in alignment with High Country Watch and the Henion's appeal! High Country WATCH has always supported Mr. Furman’s 2015 decision to revoke Mr. Hampton's 2011 permit for lack of progress. Testimony presented at the BOA hearing showed that years after the permit was issued, there was no investment and no significant progress toward the development of an asphalt plant at that location. Additionally, at the time of permit revocation, Maymead owned neither the land nor the permit.

We appreciate County Commissioners John Welch, Billy Kennedy and Larry Turmbow for supporting their county planner and the people in this county. It is the position of High Country WATCH that the BOA’s decision violated a century of common law vested rights jurisprudence and that legal errors were made by the BOA in overturning the county. Please consider writing these three county commissioners a thank you note for standing with us against the asphalt plants that threaten our well being.

The case is currently in the process of being appealed to the Court of Appeals by Randall and Carolyn Henion, Watauga County homeowners who were granted standing in the BOA hearing. Our efforts continue in court to stop these asphalt plants. To support the Henions legal fund, please consider contributing to the cause at

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