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High Country W.A.T.C.H

We are growing group of environmentally concerned citizens in the Boone North Carolina area. We are non-profit chapter of BREDL - Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League.


Our mission is to educate, engage, and empower the High Country for responsible and sustainable growth


Here is a brief history of High Country Watch


May 13 2015 First gathering of High Country WATCH around the kitchen table at Susie Winters and David Sengel’s home.

June 2 2015 -  HC Watch members spoke at the county commissioners meeting 

June 3 2015 - Voted to become a chapter of BREDL

June 10 2015 - First community meeting at the Humane Society

June 12 2015 - Maymead applied for an air quality permit for their proposed asphalt plant

June 15 2015 - Department of Air Quality granted WATCH a hearing.

June 16 2015 - Protest march at commissioners meeting

June 17 2015 - Radford applied for a permit for an asphalt plant in Watauga county.

June 18 2015 - The HC WATCH executive board met.

June 19 2015 - HC WATCH retained the Whitlock firm of environmental lawyers out of Asheville to represent us. They sent research to the commissioners detailing why the Maymead application was deficient

June 22 2015 - A 1500 foot setback from scenic byways was passed by county commissioners and a moratorium to hold on HILU applications from June 22-July 31


June 23 2015 - A second community hearing was held with county commissioners.

June 25 2015 - Maymead’s application was revoked.

June 29 2015 -  The High Country Watch executive board met.

June 30 2015 - Lost Province fundraiser was held

July 3 2015 - Booths were placed at Footsloggers, Doe Pottery, and the Farmers Market booth 

July 4 2015 - HC Watch marched in the Fourth of July Parade and the Todd Parade

July 7 2015 - In the County Commissioners meeting a motion was made requesting a hearing for HILU Categories 2 and 3

July 16 2015 - High County Watch executive board met.

July 20 2015 - Planning Board met-discussed moving chemicals and explosives to Category 1

July 21 2015 -  Commissioners denied a request to grant a second moratorium and set August 4th for a hearing on HILU Categories 2 and 3.

July 23 2015 - Executive board met and voted to hire a local lawyer

July 28 2015 - Maymead appealed the determination made by the county Board of Commissioners to revoke their permit.

July 30 2015 - HC Watch organized the third community meeting

August 4 2015 - County commissioners voted to include chemical and explosive plants and their storage facilities in Category 1 of the High Impact Land Use (HILU) Ordinance and add evidentiary considerations to include whether the industries will:

 -endanger health and safety
 -decrease the value of adjoining property
 -be in harmony with the area of the county
 -conform to land use plans

September 2015 - HC WATCH board members spoke to five classes of Appalachian students about the local asphalt plant issue 

October 8 2015 - HC Watch with appraiser to discuss the impact of an asphalt plant on home and land values.

October 14, 15, and 16 2015 - The Board of Adjustments held a hearing for the appeal of Appalachian Material’s asphalt permit denial. The BOA upheld the decision of the Planning Board in denying the HILU permit.

September 16 2015 - The executive board met and Lawyer Frank Wilson met with us.

October 8 2015 - HC Watch board members met with appraiser 

October 21 2015 - The HC Watch executive board met to plan for the upcoming BOA hearing.

November 16 and 18 2015 - Dates set for the Maymead appeal to the BOA of the revocation by the BOC to their proposed asphalt plant.

June 2017 - We are appealing the Maymead court decision to Superior Court.


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