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New Year – New Commitment for High Country Watch

The High Country Watch Board reconvened January 5th to get back to work on defending and representing Watauga residents in the legal battle to stop the proposed Maymead asphalt plant on scenic Highway 421 in Deep Gap. We are writing to urge you to re-engage with our effort to stop the Maymead asphalt plant proposed in Deep Gap. The BOA hearings will resume their final rounds Jan 20th. (Time TBA)

Once again, your support is critical. The battle is not over. The legal fees for over 40 hours of hearings to date have far exceeded our local fundraising efforts. We anticipate at least another 20-30 hours of legal fees in the coming weeks as hearings resume January 20th. We are over extended financially but the board remains confident that all our efforts will prevail and our County will be able to enforce our new high impact land use ordinance, sending Maymead on their way.

Here is where we desperately need your help and involvement. High Country Watch needs to raise another $10,000. For starters, HC Watch board has been offered a matching fund grant of $2,500 if we can raise another $2,500 by Feb 1st. This is the only way we can be prepared to keep our legal team on board until the conclusion of this hearing. High Country Watch has invested more than $11,000 of your/our money so far in these two asphalt plant cases, and though our local laws have changed for the better, We WILL have an asphalt plant at the entrance to our community if we are unable to finish this fight successfully.

So, we are writing you to ask again, for donations, small and large, to help us fund our legal team for the next month. Each contribution you made for this cause last year has gained us so much ground. Additionally, the donation of your time, your letters and calls, have all helped us get this far. Many of you have attended some, all, or part of the BOA hearings and know that it takes lot of patience to sit through an eight hour hearing of this nature. We do feel our presence at the hearing has a purpose and an impact. We urge you to continue to come and attend the hearings for as long or short a time you are comfortable with, but do come!

In conclusion, High Country Watch is steadfast in our commitment to follow this issue through, but we need to re-ignite our community to help us financially and with presence. We are also seeking new board members to help us with fundraising, organization and outreach planning for 2016. Please consider volunteering for the board and write us at if you would be interested in serving in 2016.

Donations can be made securely online at or sent to HCWATCH, P.O. Box 406, Deep Gap, NC 28618. (We are a non-profit chapter of BREDL)


Board Members High Country Watch


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead


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